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I was walking through the holy river Ganges

By: Anupama Mishra

I was walking through the holy river Ganges
the mesmerizing atmosphere and peace was attracting
the empty heart and flooded mind,
I sat on the broad stairs of the ghat
Which was a little filthy
but unlike a fake friend
it made time for me
to sooth the bruise
and the pain of my ailing heart,
being with a good friend
i also felt the contentment
to the brim.
As a fresh wind blew
it touched my weary eyes
and every single strand of my body,
the numbness was filling inside me
it reached each and every empty core.
Then I heard a sweet melody,coming from
the other shore of the running river
which melting with the cool wind
Was entering into my barren ears,
detactched form worries
strife and stress,
I was mellowed out
now the evening was fading goodbye.
As her sister the lovely night
was coming very soon
to lull the world to a deep sleep.
running out of time,
in a hurry i jotted down
some notes in my tiny diary
of the beautiful sight,
about the serene river
and it’s broad stairs
about the people just wandering
and others roaming for a living
selling tea, toys, and very simple things.
Some poor kids in ragged clothes
are selling balloons,
and others are begging
for their burning stomach.
It was an experience of a fair.
Moved by the serenity and
The brutal side of the life
at a single place,
now I was a daily visitor
Of that placid river, grasping
Such variaties of happiness and sorrow
At the same time.

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