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Alternative Learning: Top 5 Most Up-To-Date Educational Programs For Students

There are many ways to get an education, and each one is different in terms of efficiency, time consumption, and cost. Colleges and universities offer students a variety of programs, subjects, and specializations. 

There is always a definite lesson plan, a choice of educational materials, a clear, structured schedule. All this is repeated in almost all educational institutions in the world. 

But what about alternative training programs? Students can choose not only prestigious universities but also alternative programs with specific features. In this article, we will look at the best of them.


Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

A feature of this institution is the presence of only one introductory course. There you will be told about New York through the prism of philosophy and other disciplines. Also, you will find many lectures and at least two semesters of essay writing. 

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In this institution, students are creating their training plan on their own, set goals and priorities. About 1,500 learners study here. They can choose the most unusual avant-garde courses of the “New School.” Heterodox Identities, NYC: Graphic Gotham, Mind-Games and Puzzle Films, The Illusion of Color, Punk & Noise, Masculinity in Asia, Queer Culture, Theories of Mind, and Play and Toil in the Digital Sweatshop are taught. 

California Institute of Integral Studies

This is a private non-profit educational institution. It consists of four schools, namely Professional Psychology & Health, Consciousness & Transformation, Undergraduate Studies, and the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM). 

Students are offered a science program with subjects like psychology, counseling, philosophy, religion, cultural anthropology, transformative studies and leadership, integrative health, women’s spirituality, and community mental health.

Educational modules combine the usual patterns with the mystical and esoteric arts. Yet, this college has no official spiritual path or practice, which is supported.

Alverno College

“Your education should be all about you”, says the website of the College. Here, students can get an MBA, a Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Art, or choose an undergraduate program or something for teachers. 

In the School of Arts and Sciences, there are the divisions of Arts, Communication and Technology; Behavioral Sciences; Humanities as well as Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology. 

There are also flexible student support programs during and after the studying process. Learners have the opportunity to go to the traineeship and start a career in the college itself.

Quest University

This University opened its doors to students in 2007. Here, only 600 people are studying, and the number of graduates is 700. In this institution, one can get a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sciences. People study in small groups of 20 people and attend seminars. There are different directions, and you can choose among Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Mathematics, and Social Sciences instead of traditional departments. 

When students choose their path and finish getting an education, they must pass the final work, which is called the Keystone project. The thing is that it can be a text document, as well as an installation, a documentary film, an exhibition, and so on.

Jacobs University 

It is an international, private, residential, doctorate-granting research university. Here, students from more than 100 countries of the world study the fields of engineering, humanities, natural and social sciences. 

There are also preparatory programs for learners. In addition, the university ensures that the education of students is recognized internationally. For example, here, you can finish a year-long educational program in medicine and continue studies at any university in Europe.


Final Words

All these programs are designed for people who understand the problems of standard training programs and are not ready to put up with prices, ideology, schedule. Each student is looking for a suitable approach for himself and studying the way he or she wants. Therefore, there are such establishments, and they are only gaining popularity.

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