Folkloric wo/man number one

By: Daniel de Culla

I woke up from a deep sleep
And I came to the fields
Leaving the bedroom
And, as sorcerer and wizard
I rose up to a leafy tree
For watching sunrise.
With great silence, softly
The Sun god
Was walking slowly
Wrapped in colorful clouds
Visiting the site
Where I
Was contenplating Him.
What a joy of light
He was going to give me ¡
He’s coming, He’s arriving.
I stick out my tongue
And relate Him.
Oh, what a moment!
When I got hold of myself
He dressed me as folkloric Wo/Man
And put in my hands
On the right chest
A plastic Goddess
Whom my hug woke up
Giving trick, a good trick
On the Sun god
Because I gave Life to the Goddess
Naming her Eve
Removing Himself, full of sun
Confused and stunned
Growling and giving swear-words
For burning my skin
And make me blisters.
With some risk
I got off the tree
And, in its shadow
Me free from so much sun
I blessed Him for being God and Sun
And for giving me this goddess
With which, here, I fell in Love
Wanting without wanting.
I don’t know if other folklorics
Will have achieved so much happiness
Like me.
What I can say is
That I’m full of light
And very glad about it.

Categories: Poetry

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