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By: Ramprasath

Through the porous space, passing of the space fleet PHOENIX appeared like a drifting meteor. After 40 years of cryosleep, the programmed cryosleep chambers allowed the inhabitants to wake up as the fleet approached the configured destination.

Planet LIFE was spotted by Kepler located comfortably in the goldilock zone around its host star, ZEL10B. ZEL10B survived with four moons and a day in ZEL10B, according to calculations, seemed to last 44 hours. It was neigther hot, not too cold. To add to the glory, it circled around its host star while revolving by itself making the whole planet offer earth-like ecosystem for migration.

“Have we woken up much earlier?” Suzanne, the commander in chief of the fleet asked.

“Coz, I don’t see the planet” she said as she looked through the window. What she saw was porous space. There was no sign of a planetary system in sight.

Walter, the humanoid robot scanned through the sector again and ran the calculations. Once the super computers ran all the algorithms, results were scattered on the screen.

“As per mainframe, we are to travel another 40 light years to reach the planet LIFE” he announced.

“How is it possible? We have already travelled that distance. Haven’t we?” Suzanne asked.

“If LIFE is where it is supposed to be, our sensors should have by now detected a rocky mass twice the size of Earth but there is only empty space right infront of us, commander” Walter responded.

“What does that mean?” Suzanne asked.

“Our data shows that we are seeing what Kepler saw back in Earth. That could only mean, what we are looking at is so massive and it merely acts like some sort of a ‘mirror’. What our Kepler must have picked up is just a reflection of this planet through this mirror” Walter said.

Suzanne stared at Walter in disbelief.

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