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‘Colors’ and other poems by Phillip Knight Scott

By: Phillip Knight Scott 


I love you as

 the night

hangs gently from your

brow, playing towards

 a twinkle,
determined to

turn your lips (

 revealing the bliss

 meant for us)

gentle red.

I love you as

 the sea laps salty

on the sand,


 waters smoothly


across the

 vast beautiful coastline

 before ebbing

into blue.

I love you as

 a tree stretches for 

the sun for

it knows nothing else

 energized by the effort
before winter, after,

half of it will return
in bloom, better (for
the trouble),
into green.


another freckle

I counted her freckles like rings

in a tree trunk, soft kissed by the sun,

and on particularly warm summer nights
I lose the number, finding myself instead
tracing her face, hinting at red,

burning as another day
fades gentle, another mark of beauty.



The moon goes round the earth, tilted
but not for me. Storms come in
one cloud
at a time as people
float in and out of my life, flotsam passing
out of sight.

Living in the nots we are but leaves
falling aimlessly,
so leave the dirt
behind as the earth tilts towards
another winter, another spring
out of nowhere.

We are all but visitors, sojourning
through where we think
we ought to reside
sometimes thinking forward, often
looking backward.

Or perhaps we are visions, soldiering
as we can, knowing
the world ends
when we’re dead and yet
clinging to the gift of possible.

Sometimes there is no deeper meaning and
a rose is just a flower.
So we petal through
wondering what it all matters,
even if we are just matter.


At dusk (tangerine orange)

As blues turn a tangerine orange,
dusk surrounds each of us with the promise
of another day, soon to peak through
the leaves of this old tree, reaching,
straining, but never able to feel blue.

How small is the tree, as the sun radiates,
warmth engulfing everything with the hope
that the vastness of existence pours through
everything with a purpose that we, reaching,
straining, are never able to understand?

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