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By: Annapurani Vaidyanathan

That at home or away, I’m always bound by rules. That, I don’t have the privilege to choose. That, I will always be judged, whether I win my battles or lose.
That, to muster the courage to dream, to look beyond the seam, I should be okay to let the world bruise my self-esteem.
That, I can’t raise my voice. That, there are lines subtle and distinct, I should never dare to cross.
I keep forgetting that I should learn to toe the line. That, I will never be allowed the luxury to decline. That, if I step out into the street at five in the morning or ten in the night, I’d have to tiptoe in fear until I reach back home alright.
That, if I show a lot of skin, I’d be inviting home a boatload of chagrin. That, I need to keep my laughter down, my attitude, mellow. That, I sometimes would have to pretend to be a bimbo.
I keep forgetting that I must care to watch my tongue, to practice being mum, to stay away from altercation.

I keep forgetting that I, am a woman.

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