Poems: ‘Early Morning’ n ‘Physical Eyes’

By: Rex Chilcote

Early Morning

It’s early in the morning
when the only sounds you hear
are the hum of the refrigerator
and the stray car going down the road.

If you are quite,
you can hear the divine.
Other times you wait, listen,
and hear nothing.

But eventually, it will happen.

It will be the feeling
of overwhelming excitement.
Excitement that makes your heart sing.
Whatever gives you that feeling,


Physical Eyes

Our physical eyes lie to us everyday.
They do not see the truth.
They only see the physical:
colors, shapes, sizes.

Immediately the mind begins to judge.
It segregates people’s clothes, age,
weight, the color of their skin.
All nonsense.

For that is not the truth.

Categories: Poetry

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