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By Jamal Siddiqui

“It is easy to be Human, very hard to be Humane” – Miza Ghalib

We’re all born human, it isn’t something that’s gifted to us or something we have to work for. It simply is. Often times, life puts us in certain situations which make us question what it actually means to be human. Is having a pair of legs and arms enough to be called a human? Or do we have a duty to do right by others to be considered humane? Sadly, people don’t see the difference. However, there is a pretty thick line between the two. Being human is easy. Being humane on the other hand, a whole other matter.

What actually makes a human humane?

You must have heard the saying “If you want to know a person’s true colors, observe how they treat waiters and animals.” This is deeper than it seems. Why do humans tend to belittle others who are in positions lower than themselves? What could they possibly achieve by hurting an animal, helpless to defend itself? Do they do this because they like to feel empowered? Why can’t a person be happy enough with themselves to not need validation by hurting or lowering others?

The answer is that it’s possible, but this requires being humble and having sympathy for all creations. Basically, it requires humanity. A person who is filled with humanity cares about the needs of others and feels emotions on a deeper intensity. They don’t feel the need to achieve success by pushing someone over as they are content in all situations or mature enough to understand that life has its ups and downs. They believe a better time will always come. They don’t try to cheat their way out of a bad time, but rather sail through the storm patiently and still try to be a source of joy for others.

A humane person is filled with compassion for everyone, humans and animals alike and appreciates the blessings of life.

We shouldn’t only care for things that benefit us, but instead we should always try to do good by others too. And not just for people we love, but for strangers too. The universe will reward us for our kindness, but that should not be the motivation to do good. Do good…simply to do good. Strive to do better each day.

That is how a human becomes humane.

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