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‘Tied by affection’ and other poems by Jacynth Amores

By: Jacynth Amores

They say love at first sight
Is just a myth, A Hollywood Tale?
An exquisite adornment
Gasping for affections
To love unconditionally
A bright ray of sunshine
Filters through the stained glass window
Illuminating your image
Under your heavenly gaze
Magic appears perfect
His golden flakes beat in me like needs
I fill my lungs string him in like beads
Before the winds were born
And there were signs of life
Your charm and innocence was stirring inside my soul
For I may see just one more time
Through hungry eyes
A solemn soul still in contemplation
I reminisce and suddenly he’s right here
His jet black hair and handsome face remain frozen
His flawless skin drew me in
Like an invisible magnet
My eyes followed his every unnoticed move
Call it love
Mind drifting off in the distance
All I think is about you
Looking out in the setting sun
Foreseeing just you and me
Waiting, wishing, wondering
All I think is about you
Tied by your affection, it’s love I devote
Intense, easy to emote
Tied by your affection brings shivers to my skin and up my spine
My thoughts a mess, writing a small cyclone
And there is no stopping
I say love at first sight happens every single day
A leopard print cardigan
Who could not bow down
To a queen
With a bleach blonde crown


Scars and flaws of mine
I know I am beautiful
But I can see why you still choose her

Your precious smile that never failed to shine
Heavenly beam that made my heart your realm
But I can see why you still choose her

Comparing myself to her I mistook
Shoved the imperfections I should be proud of
I know I am beautiful

I loved you beyond the moon and sun
Till I burned in unknown stars
However, you still choose her

Murmurs in my head saying “this poor shape less body”
My skin is thin, your words are rough
I am beautiful is what I will say

I thought the outcome would leave me with a feeling of euphoria
Instead I look to my mirrored self, reflecting a state of body dysmorphic
I know I am beautiful
But still I can see why you choose her


I look at the sky
Beautiful colors of gold
Imbues in last glance


Strong and tough woman
A fierceness of lioness
Treasure to cherish


Pearl of the Orient
Blood shed wars and brave heroes
When would end or last



Different shades, color, tint, tones and hues
Black and white are always singing the blues
Being a black does not decide my heart
Being a white doesn’t determine who I am from inside

Strange and funny how blacks and white still fight
When both races see passions and emotions to the opposite race
I see the sad color of racism in everyday life
Created to destroy, ravage and annihilate

This cancer has done throughout the ages
A lot of critics and people who discriminate whether you’re black or white
Like a black man loving a white woman and vice versa
For both females and males

White is used in mostly everything that means peace, love and purity
Although some may see that black refers as bad and not pure
Therefore, why should the white clouds give a black shadow as well
It’s insane to see both races of black and white causing each other pain

Isn’t that white and black makes grey in all its shades
Color doesn’t matter
It’s a fact that both colors will always be together
Black and white are not only colors, they are brothers and sisters

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