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‘Saved by Grace’ and other poems by Patricia Taguiam

By Patricia Taguiam

Saved by Grace

Trials hard to bear
Tempted to murmur and despair
Look in the mirror, so dire
Who is this I’ve become?
Calloused by pain
Is she stuck by circumstances
inadvertently hardened through time
or is it an elaborate happenstance?
Walking around lightly.. gazing
Full of emotions.. disappearing
Moving past that point
The point of make believes
Make believes that’s full of
Wishing I could be someone for a day
Who never worry what month it was then
or what day is it now
Stand firm enough to surmount heavy downpour
Warrior of own bestial monsters
Surfer of own comber
Flower twirling with the beat of berceuse
Lost wolf under the brightest moon
waiting to be found
in the four corners where I’ll learn to grow
to build my world around others
promises kept by two
Once both wish it to be true
Torned frequently without caution or clue
Getting used of closing doors
Looking back to the
old familiar markers
of the mercies I have known
have known more joy than hurt
have known more gains than losses
Not created to live in a constant struggle
Constantly battling
Getting hurt and disappointed
Nothing to be changed
it is the heart that needs
His word
Lamp unto my feet
Light unto my path
Told me who I am
What I can become
Where I am going
Renewed my mind
Changed my heart
Refreshed my soul
Showed hope ferocious
than all the probabilities of the impossible
Only one person
Sufficient to calm the storms inside out
Seeing myself as God sees me
Surviving heartaches
Enduring deep anxiety
Conquering low self esteems
I’m here to say
I’m nothing
Miracle of love took me in sweet embrace
Loved and forgiven
Now I grow and breathe in freedom
I’m just
A sinner saved by grace


Sometimes I wish I was the Moon

sometimes I wish I was the moon
for I would not have to worry
if I don’t shine bright enough
because the sun shines for me
to reflect its endeavor and artistry

because no matter how
I don’t see
The elegance, the delicacy, the beauty
in me

sometimes I wish I was the moon
for the moon is so high
so beyond reach
of me

bitter-broken-brittle bones,
silent, simple, insignificant,
pitiful, paper-like, pushed-aside me

but the moon,
pure, paradisiacal, pretty,
placid, priceless, peaceful moon
pretty, parasitic perfection

did you notice the way words just fit there?
like it was a compliment
like it was positive?
like the contrast of light and dark,
light is the positive?
I am blind to the fact that
the moon doesn’t own the light
it is a mere reflection
it is not a positive
it is a possession of what looks like positive

perfection is not affirmative
but I guess I’m lucky
to be not pressured
to not have my breath change
the breeze of the wind
to not have my shadows after the sun
to not have my voice reach out to the moon
to not have my steps be minded by gravity

because perhaps I won’t be
leashed by my expectations
being human means
I’m not supposed to have
being pretty
maybe the brightest aspect of me
it shouldn’t define me

after all this,
was when I realized
that maybe

it is only
I wish
I was the moon



Found each other in pitch darkness
Mending on endless pit of emptiness
Lost souls who cannot find light
Ended up crossing paths that seemed right
Fate nor time moves with constant haste
Never leaves you the same
Promises kept by two
Once both wish it to be true
Some things are not built to last
Like memories remain in the past
Plant flowers at heart
Dig lessons from hurt
Drowns you
but you enjoy seeing it come
Destroys and creates at the same time
In between letters and syllables
My could have been
Until then
I’ll stand on where we begin


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