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‘Our Endless Sojourn’ and other poems by Dirk Dunbar

By: Dirk Dunbar

Our Endless Sojourn
Watching my shadow switch direction as I follow
this babbling brook helps me feel the spontaneity
of life’s patterns. Like wheat fields waving to and
fro, duck flight formations echo rhythms of wildlife’s
dance (freely inviting every being to celebrate).
Whenever a night sky, wrapped in constellations,
shines cloud free, forever is the point. As bugs and
bacteria convert decaying plants and animals into
life giving soil, blessed by sun and rain, a single
rose overcomes death. Every day and night. We
are gifted with dreams reminding us a way beyond
is already here. Carefully, evolution matches skeletal
remains with predetermined fingerprints touching
the unspoken art of becoming… endlessly.


A prefix to change
Once again, she smiles
and corrects our instruments
allowing us to spring, oceans
connected, more ourselves
and planted.


The Daily Genesis of Self
Every day opens a cast of corner turning identities
as bloodstreams and fingerprints meander river wise.
Notice how tree top breezes kindle chance encounters
with the secret swaying. Every trip home welcomes
infinite directions. Look through eyes reopened in new
and timeless ways. Shed worn out cells only to hear
your heart pounding like never before. Leave original
imprints, for each journey’s step reminds us why this
planet curves everything in cycles meant to bring us
back to the eternal garden of consciousness.

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