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‘Choice is Meditation not Weed’ n ‘Venom – The Secret Powder’

By Heena Mahajan

Choice is Meditation not Weed
A lonely person, A wanderer
how I choose to live diffused life when others
are sparkling like chandelier….

I geared up to realize the importance of group
always laughing at sights
tried to get near; they thrashed me and fight….

A dark room full of smoke, noise and fuss
when they unite things look ominous….

Moment they leave I arouse from the
ashes they left behind, I meditated to relax
loneliness I overtake with delicious snacks….

Inspiring every black smoke and rings
of Fumes that exhaust
cultivating the presence of god in reverie and prayers,
nothing they cost….

Choice is yours hang around with
disastrous weed
or choose rumination and concentration
sowing a new seed….

My parents are happy as I touched the
sky with pride
lost ones still ask me bro how do
we survive?


Venom – The Secret Powder

A hidden world of Rainbow Lorikeet
and Green parrots
Bright and pleasant atmosphere no
emir to rule and no emirates…..

Cheerful breeze blowing the
lush greens around
Freedom to eat nuts, fruits, seeds and
insects with musical sound….

A thunderstorm one day hits this place
somewhere over the rainbow
A clever owl managed to peep inside
this secret window….

Mesmerized to see the green
and red wonderland
Innocent parrots cannot understand
what this knucklehead planned…..

They welcomed the owl with
open and pure hearts
He started ruling them with his
prudent talks, how Smart….

Cooking special platter sprinkling venom over it
he started ruling over young age
vicious cycle he created with the secret powder
locked every addicted youngster in cage….

Jovial and cock-a-hoop achievements
of ancestors lost
new disgraceful and monstrous world
of crime bossed….

Unaware parents appealed to owl,
he rejecting them with proud
Invading his army he started ruling
over the decent crowd….

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