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‘Dog’s Life’ and other poems by Jake Cosmos Aller

By: Jake Cosmos Aller

Photo by Atanas Teodosiev

It’s a Dog’s Life For Me

I’d like to come back
In my next life
As a dog

A dog’s only worry
Is its next meal

All it has to do
Is wag its tail

And look cute
And someone will feed him
And give him water

A dog has no worries
No cares at all

And when a Dog
Wants some loving

All it needs to do
Is find the nearest
Female dog
And enjoy himself

Without guilt
And without worrying
About getting married
Or having an affair

Just simple
Sex in the doggie way
Nothing simpler
Than that

A dog’s life
Is the life for me?


the dogs of war are howling

The Dogs of War
Have been set free
Of their cage
And are out
Howling at the moon

The Dogs of War
Have been set free
To wreck what havoc
Might be

Yes, the Dogs of War
The Hell Hounds
Have bound out of their cages
Sniffed about
And smiled

At the destruction they saw
They knew soon
They would be in their element
As the world descends into chaos

The world saw
The face of pure evil
That fine September morning

A morning like any other morning
Until a fateful moment
When two planes
Came out of the sky
And destroyed
The center of world capitalism

In an act of horrific violence
An act of such evil
That is beyond the comprehension
Of mere mortal man

Surely there must
Be a reason why
That particular day
The world almost ended

The Dogs of war
Are at foot

The chaos is upon us
The evil grows and grows
And dark noises are heard
Here and there

A Jehad had been launched
By the holly lunatics
Misguided warriors
Who thought they were fighting
The great Satan

Not knowing that their hearts and minds
Were corrupted and controlled
By Satan himself

Somewhere in the world
That morning
A door opened
And a man walked through
Flipped a switch
And let loose
The chaos that ensured

The world watched with horror
And fascination
As in real time
A dynamite action movie unfolded

Only this was not no movie, punk
It was real life
Live and uncensored

With the music of the devil
Playing at full volume
As people died
Burning alive

And the dogs of war
They knew soon
They would be in their element

As America
The Sleeping Giant
Again woke up

And realized
That they would have to fight back
Against their enemies

The war machine
Came to life
The plans came out of the books
The military might was unleashed

And the Dogs of war
Smiled and howled at the moon

The machinery of war
Once unleashed
Can’t easily be stopped

There is a certain cruel logic
That demands that the war go on
And people die
And people suffer
And the stock market crashes

And the evil that men do
Goes on and on and on


The Cosmic Dog from Goa

My final time with God
Happened a year latter
I was staying down in Goa
With my wife

Enjoying being with her
After our reconciliation
We stayed at the Taj Mahal Goa

Living like Kings and Queen
Just for a few days
High up on a hill
Overlooking the beach

Every morning I went down to the beach
And did yoga by the water
While contemplating life

And every morning
I saw the same dog

Not just a dog
But a cosmic dog
Filled with the divine spark of God

And the dog recognized me
And spoke to me and I knew
That God was present once more
In the face of the that cosmic dog

Kindred spirit
perhaps to the cosmic cat
that had save my soul
in Berkeley so long ago

I told the dog everything
And he just looked at me
With those soulful eyes of his
And I knew he knew that I knew
That he was possessed by God

God had sent him to me
To make sure that I was on the right path

That the reconciliation that God had promoted
Was on track that I was back with my wife
And that everything was the way it should be

Again I asked God whether he was Jesus or Allah
Or Brahmin or Gannesh or Buddha

God the cosmic dog just stared at me
I finally asked him directly
Say if you are God the God of Jesus
Bark once
The Dog looked at me and barked

I said well if you are Allah bark twice
The dog barked twice
Well are you buddha then bark three times if yes
The god dog barked three times

Hmm well are you Satan
The dog growled at me
And I knew I had gone to far

Finally I was at peace
And for the next three days

The God Dog was my constant companion
And I knew God for the final time
In my life


Agnostic Dyslectic Wonders if There is a Dog

an agnostic dyslectic
stays up all night
wondering if there is a dog

the Buddhists wonder
about the Buddha nature of the dog

the evangelicals are sure that there is a dog
and you must follow their dog

or go to hell
for following another’s dog

the Muslims agree
there is only one dog

and the dogs
smile at the foolishness

of the human race
of course, there is a dog

and they are the master race
as they growl at their owners

who bow down
and clean up their mess


I Want a Dog’s Life

I want a dog’s life
That’s what I want in next life
A dog needs to be cute
And his master will feed him
It is a dog’s life for me


The Messenger Dog of God
One day
While studying in Rome
As a priest
I notice a small white dog
Staring at me

He glances at me
Indicating that I am to follow him
I get up
And follow this strange dog

He leads me deep
Inside the hidden depths
Of the Vatican
Finally stopping by a door

I open the door
And see St Peter there
He smiles
Dismisses the dog

Who moves on down the hall
Finished with his cosmic duty
As the secret messenger of God
All in a days work

I ask why am I here?
St Peter says
Why are any of us here?
It is time for you to go

But I don’t want to go
Don’t want to leave this mortal plane
St Peter smiles
Says it is time to go

I wake up
Back in my bed
With my wife
And realize it was all a dream

It was not yet time
To go
But I am afraid
I will find the messenger dog

Outside my door
Any day now
The grim reaper waits
And it will soon be my time


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