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‘for the sake of sea wolves’ and other poems by Paweł Markiewicz

By: Paweł Markiewicz

for the sake of sea wolves

cribbed pearls

the pirates are dancing aboard

despite of a seagull-like angriness

lories as well as the pearls

a meek hoard of the sea wolves

dreaming of the propitious

lories and pearllet

the two were vended to ferrymen

in a vetust harbor


on account of mariners

the summery redglow of morning

a keel is swimming to a new island

laden with pearls

the pearls in the hand

of a dreamful ferryman

in the picture

a pearl and the sun

both enchant our minds

bright of red sun


for the sake of the pearl diver

the sea water-bow

the pearler yet immersing

bewitched of a seaweed

the seaweed awash

the meekest pearl inside

hidden by a seaman

the lovely pearl

so called an angelic tear

Japan gasconades with the breeding

of the dreamiest mariner

in the painting


shrouded in the nature

shortly after morning quiet

gulls within their fight

into to pearl-like land

the sea of the pearls in autumn

white seagullings are carrying legends

about sea peace

pearl’s trail with the heartlet

tender ebb tides are bewitching

a sea-sheen

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