Literary Yard

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By: Alan Berger

My little baby
My little dear
You’ve lost so much weight
Soon you’ll disappear
We been together for so long
Yet it seems like only yesterday
We both were born
You can’t feel anything except my kisses
You can’t hear a thing no more
Except my whispers
If cats and dogs lived as long as humans
And I do mean to disparage
There would certainly be no need for marriage
Remember when that Racoon tried to eat me through the window?
You stayed by my side instead of running solo
Sooner or later we’ll both be in the sky
You can meet Grandma and Grandpa
And my first cat with one eye
There is no one left anyway except for us
And on this trip we won’t need a carrying case
Or the need of a senior discounted bus
Only thing left to say
Is that in a world full of barn feed
You’ve been a prime rib fillet

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