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‘Good Game’ and other poems by Amit Pandya

By: Amit Pandya

Good Game

we started at six
chasing tag on the playground,
euphoria and bliss,
life never felt so good.

now we’ve grown, or so we thought.
us teenagers are never wrong.
shouting, kicking, screaming
you wouldn’t do that if you are wrong.

the high school reunion
banners and balloons – thirty back to thirteen.
our eyes meet and i felt something completely different.
you did too.

but you don’t anymore.
‘i like you’ turned to ‘i love you’ but now i don’t know you.
life played us well.
it’s such a good game when neither of us won.


Soon The World Will Change

soon the world will change, my son. i promise you, life will get better. please sleep tonight, i’ll dry your eyes. just don’t get your pillow much wetter. i know it hurts but soon something will make it all worthwhile. soon the world will change, my son.

because you will change the word.


Lost And Found

i lost your heart but i found my own.
you kicked me out and i made a home.
the rain did pour, but now there’s sun.
i found the light when i thought there was none.

i lost your hands so mine lifted me up.
no validation necessary.
if i didn’t accept myself with my love,
their hate would cause my misery.


Made Up in The Made Up

First we have foundation.
But not the good family base.
Just something that I picked up from my drugstore
The pain is confined in the shade.

Paint my face with lies.
The powders seep into my skin.
Make me blush, you think it’s nice.
i appear so happy so i must be happy

Contour my face with lines.
The chiseled look makes everyone stop.
It’s a great thing to teach your children.
That looks will win if your voice does not.

But this is the age we live in now.
Made up in the made up.
Our worth is defined with likes and followers.
Not our passion to change for lives that follow us.

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