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“ANGELS” and other poems by Michael Stein

By: Michael Stein

The expanding cosmos,
Divine syzygies speeding away
To no one knows,
Myriads of angels in play.

The snowy misty clouds
Of tiny drops and drips,
Each in concinnity conveyed their gods,
Wee angels with fluttering wings.

Of the gods of green,
Cosmical hover on a blade of glass,
So subtle an esthetic unseen
The angels in nature arise.

I watched within sight
as the prize
stood in front of me
glinting and flickering. The heart jumped and lunges like
a trapeze artist.
Diaphanous curls dancing
away in the desultory breeze
that takes her
away from my reach.
Ephemeral is

the glee she imbued. Every moment
slips with her love drifting
farther away. Erstwhile, that comely
gaze have been inured to, and
the hands so tender a touch
to the eyes dissipated. An extinct
volcano roars back into life
and died down
when she appeared again.

Coward heart would rather
I float astride you.
Would never get close , only
whizz after you, for eternity.



Looking to the sky
I can see her eyes
Glinting like the brightest star
All the stellar in the galaxy apprised
Does she love me a bit?
I’m Lost!

The beauteous girl stealing into my dreams
My whole engulfed by her dulcet smile

My hands yearn for her face shining like a moonbeam
Albeit! I know it is all futile
My heart beats fast at her elfin beauty
I’m Lost!

Many nights! many a dreams!
I held her in my arms
And with every touch am fiery brimed
To my heart she is quintessential
The love I seek but can’t pursue
I’m Lost!



Behind Thy veil,
There’s surely a colorful shade,
Where flaws fail and youth prevails,
I can see, no matter goofs made.

Behind thy commonness,
I know there’s something exquisite,
Perfection flowing with the nothingness,
Like the blurry moon in a cloudy night.

Behind thy common ways ,
A demeanor seemly common,
Prudent disposition that never sways,
Needs just a little might to summon.

Behind thy veil,
You are all shades of what you wish,
Happiness and Good life which sail,
With air and future embellished,
Beyond thy veil yee are perfect like a morning sun’s ray.



I will hold you in my arms,
A beautiful flower in my reach,
Face a few inches from your thousand charms,
A few Months It is.

In paradise I’ll be,
When my lips a few inches it’ll be,
Our hearts jump and slowly inched,
A few Months It is.

For a second,
A moment will feel like an eternity,
That I would love to hold on,
A few Months It is.

Then my Beloved,
Perfect, the word she fits,
Eye tied on mine at the moment that will forever be,
A few Months It is.
I am the lost boy,
Lost in the sunshine and enslaved by the moonlight.

I am the lost boy,
Breathless in this space
And imprisoned in the dungeon of my own fantasy thoughts.

I am the lost boy,
Afraid of the sun because am scared am going to be imprisoned again.

I am the lost boy,
Allergic to the beautiful flowers cos have seem them wither afore in a nightmare.

I am a lost boy,
Too lost to be found.
Nobody can understand me.
I am the lost boy.



The Lazy Scums! With
Bachelor degrees!

We Lazy. We
Learn your ABC. We

Too anxious. We
Slide your abacus. We

So irresponsible. We
Did the impossible. We

Too dependent. We
made you the President.

If you are depressed
Let it flow.
Let all the pain, regrets, and bad memories flow
But take no action
Don’t shed a tear
Don’t grab a knife
Don’t grab a rope
Just let it flow
Sunshine will engulf the damp soul tomorrow.

Beautiful glitters of the sparkling stars twirl and float anxiously for her smile to surface,
A single flash, a thousand dash,
Striking straight through the lead tick crash,
If she exist,
Then let it be,
That we met before the ends we met.


It stings like a furious bee,
When the reality dawns on me,
All the beautiful fantasies I see,
Sad we won’t be more than we used to be.

The magical aura that surrounds ur side,
Your perfection that raised my eyes,
Your smile that blows my mind,
I can’t hold this thousand sighs.

The deftness of your gait,
Royalty whispers from your modest trait,
Ur sweet melodious voice like that of a nightingale,
Renders my heavily guarded heart smitten and slayed.

It’s a fact I always strive to hide,
That I never once demand you for my life,
You might not be the moon that shone too bright,
But you are a part of the stars that brighten up my sky.

Destiny might not wish it to be,
Or fate a furious foe of me,
But I can’t deny how vital to me your presence is,
You are a part of me.

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