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The Evanescence (or Late Calls, or Don’t make late calls)

By: Yearn Hong Choi

My beloved auntie slipped out of my life since I made a call last time
from America to Korea many years ago.
When I tried to get in touch with her after a long while,
I found she passed away several years earlier.
When I established the endowed scholarship in honor of my old professor at Indiana University, I looked for his wife and daughter. They left this world years ago.
When I look for my friends, they are no longer on the earth.
After I uttered a word, evanescence, to the wind passing through the woods,
I wept in the woods for a while.
Who shall I blame for my fault of late callings to my beloved ones?
How beautiful would my life could have been if I was able to donate that $25,000 to my alma mater in honor of my teacher years ago?
How beautiful would my life have been if I could have returned my auntie’s love?
Nothing is guaranteed on earth, that my beloved ones would be still on earth
while I am alive.

This evanescent world disappears in a moment
and we are bound to love all souls destined to die.
Beautiful is your life if you go looking for those who you miss
Whenever you miss them and say “I love you!”
Don’t miss your privileged opportunity left in your life remaining!
Life is short, very short.
I come to know that better than too late.
Have pitiful I am!
Please forgive me.
My beloved ones!

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