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By Copper Rose

See Ellen get up in the morning and go to the kitchen to make coffee? She is complaining that no one loves her. At least not in the way she would like to be loved.

See her fill the filter basket with her husband’s favorite brand of coffee. She adds one less scoop. That’ll teach her husband. Weak coffee, since he never gets up to make it.

Ellen likes her coffee robust, but it is too late for that.

Watch as Ellen turns on the water at the kitchen sink and fills the glass pot. She pours the water in the coffee maker. She hits the switch. Watch her stare as nothing happens.

See her hit the switch again. Still nothing happens. Watch her scratch her head. Watch as she checks to see if the coffee pot is plugged in.

It is.

It’s always plugged in. She hits the switch again. See her check the little red reset button on the outlet. Watch as she jumps back as sparks fly.

She is quick to grab a box of baking soda. She throws a cupful of baking soda at the outlet.

Hear her say, “This is not good.”

See her husband enter the kitchen. He isn’t often helpful. He grabs the fire extinguisher when he sees flames coming out of the outlet. “How does this thing work?” he says.

See Ellen grab her phone and call the fire department as flames climb the wall and ignite the kitchen curtains.

Watch as the firemen come to Ellen’s house.

The fire is hot.

Ellen is hot.

The firemen are hot.

Ellen’s husband is still trying to figure out how the fire extinguisher works so he can put out Ellen’s fire.

See Ellen sitting at the local community center, wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot coffee from an insulated cup, surrounded by handsome firemen. One of them asks, “Is there anything else we can do for you, ma’am?” His eyes are filled with concern.

See Ellen smile before she takes a sip and then holds out her cup.

“A refill?”

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