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By: Diya Wadhwana

Evoke the light within
Which never got shone,
Road to cross; without sin
That we all walk alone.

Some plains to walk,
Some highways to lift,
Some valleys to block
Yet pass them without drift,

Vehicles might knock you down,
Stay away; from them be chary;
Instead of turning back town,
Go ahead, walk on with merry.

Travellers you may meet;
Transient they all are,
But some like shoes on feet,
Stays forever till far.

Passing through the places
When we get lost hearted,
Feels like giving up, nobody faces;
But remember why you’d started?

Passerby seems like taking over,
Plan your path new,
Strive the best out of lower
So the next time it’s you.

Even after so many heartbreaks
Do not give up the nation;
For once,
You must know the sake,
Where is your destination?

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