The longing

By: Paweł Markiewicz

the enticing aspiration is such
a golden Apollonian sunshine
my muse-like tune of a bosom
as the dainty cherubic dreamlet
or it is a tender ring
that shines at
the magnanimous chevalier
and it is an embellishment
of the metaphysics

the dazzling wishfulness is able to long for
Herculeanly propitious sea of candles
which are blazing fiercely
and for moonlight past each afterglow
which glares like a seraphic ring

the ravishing longing exhibits
for a splendid spirited keel
the beachside
a stunning beach
next to the druidical
charming holt

the divine yearning the
most appealing charm
it is such a fairy-like cottage
which has been established
by mermaids
at midnight
on the debris
of hag’s temple
the desire is the alluring
poesy forever from sempiternity
of the muse Clio

meek as well as weird-like yen is a being
mountain Apollo among a friend
the love-in-idleness
the dreamiest gnome
among pixie-like wizards

Categories: Poetry

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