CAA Protest – a poem

By Chandra Shekhar Dubey

Who are they?
Shouting slogans, filling the air
with toxic slogans , lies in the streets?
Knowing not , what they are protesting
Exhaling fangs of fire and distrust
on the frozen roads to block the flow?
Who are they?
A medley of crowd – half awakened and half slept
for political gains dissolving poison
in the life of people and pains of disorder.
Who are they?
Unawakened murky flies hired by leaders
of political parties who make every right wrong and every wrong right
to fill their coffers, and cries foul.
Are they cattle driven by these ghouls ?
There is a fallen Faustus in each of them,
Who sell their souls for a platter of biryani and five hundred note
bleeding the country.
A country given to such free treats,
Shall be condemned to repeat history.
O’ misled souls arise, awake and break
the veil that clouds your consciousness
and listen to your heart and soul
to know the difference between fair and foul.

Categories: Poetry

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  1. jab arz-e-ḳhudā ke ka.abe se
sab but uThvā.e jā.eñge
The above two lines are the most objectionable ones in the poem and cannot be accepted under any circumstances. They may be acceptable 1400 years back in some alien country to some uncivilized populace, but not acceptable to Indians.

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