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‘Storms of Blue’ and other poems by Mary Bone

By: Mary Bone

Storms of Blue

The storms of blue
matched your eyes-
sapphire orbs,
moongazing into the universe,
leaving twinkles
on the horizon.


Embracing the Sun

A vacation began
by embracing the sun.
With arms open wide,
I was on an adventure
as I relaxed in crystal clear water.


Rising from the Ashes

Rising from the ashes,
I stood and grew.
After being so resilient,
it was the only life I knew.
There was no place to go but up.
I climbed the ladder
to success,
learning from every clue.


Manna from Heaven

Manna from heaven
Rained down on my head.
My cup ran over.
I was thankful for the refreshments,
As nuts fell from trees,
Carried to me in a winters breeze.
That night as I slept soundly,
I knew I had been fed.

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