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By: Amy Rohrbaugh

God the Artist
created it all.
He painted each leaf
in the beautiful fall.
He shares His warmth
in the bright yellow sun
that lights up the sky
in the summery fun.
He kisses the tulips
with colors of spring
and whispers to the birds
to get them to sing.
And intricate snowflakes
cover the ground,
a blanket of white
where crystals are found.
His masterpiece shows
every day, every year
on mountain top peaks
in rivers so clear
In oceans so vast,
His voice in the waves
and even the rocks
speak up of His praise.
Creation so pure
so beautiful too
but His greatest creation
the wonder of you.
You fit in my arms
a loving hug
and blankets surround you
so warm and so snug.
Your tiny hands
are swallowed in mine
such sweet perfection,
the beginning of time.
Your silky skin
touches my soul.
Your lips on mine
makes me whole.
My heart enlarges,
my care grows deep
to watch you play,
to watch you sleep.
Tears of joy
I cry each day.
You bless my heart
in every way.
And nothing compares
out of all earthly bliss
to the miracle of you
and your sweet little kiss.
So God, Creator,
made each part
of you, my child,
a work of art.


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