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‘Science Fiction Haiku’ n ‘Horror Tanka’

By: Denny E. Marshall

Science Fiction Haiku

on mars colony
the sky makes you feel lonely
sun looks like a star

reach for keys
surprised to find
pocket alien

alien craft lands
distant visitors puzzled
by “Moo, Moo” response

in the fifties
aliens land and hide on
bikini island

recent wormhole forms
near edge of earths atmosphere
one-way garbage chute


Horror Tanka

new cell phone explodes
factory line forgot to
turn on firewall

in car accident
on the interstate highway
didn’t see airplane

from dinosaurs hide
stuck in past, harder to flee
the eighty-pound rats

vampires’ short life
due to the fact he fainted
at the sight of blood

alien rancher
herds’ humans to butcher house
faces manslaughter

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