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By: Christiane Demack

Photo by Mariam Soliman 

You came back!
All my life
I’d felt your bright blue wings
Beating against the inside of
My rib cage, fanning the fire,
Gifting me visions of flowers and honey,
Dreaming mimosas and hyacinths,
Into existence; lingering by fountains
Of joy in the silver light of birdsong –

I didn’t know you could fly away.
But fly away you did.

I’ve been a grey moth,
Flying into flame after malicious flame,
The hearth inside barren with cold
Ashes, the spark fled deep underground
Hibernating, safe from storm waves
A moth’s wings could never ride.

You came back!
Snowdrops forcing their petals
Through frost, weeds clawing
Their way skywards through city
You’re hungry for the light of day.

I can feel your wings beating
My heart into a thousand gardens!

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