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‘Spine – Xray’ and other poems by J.K.Durick

By: J.K.Durick

Spine – Xray


Bookmark by Gavin

a grandnephew once removed
is gone but this gift,
given I don’t remember when,

His name written in childish letters
and some coloring are all that’s left
of the moment – it marks his place
my place.

Found it in a book I almost forget
reading, so much buried in the pages
and this bookmark

we’ve turned pages, lost our place
so easily.



After my first book didn’t materialize and clearly never would,
I began work on the second, the work that will fulfill some of
the promise that would have shown in the first, if it existed beyond
the crumpled paper, the deleted entries, the worn path I walked
into the carpet, for the first, but in this second one, the words and
worlds that clutter my brain will somehow finally come to life
rows and rows of words, of worlds, lines, stanzas, whole sections
spaced precisely, preciously, peopled with the characters I have been
over the years, identities I assumed, identities I consumed, whole
neighborhoods, whole countries I have populated that never came
to life, to the page, pages and pages of them, metaphored enough
to get by, to keep going all the way to the end, I can already picture
the end, the last page, I’d end it with something sentimental, full of
promise, something to hold my reader/readers, while I head off
to write my third book, or just skip that to get on with my fourth.

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