Literary Yard

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By: Alan Berger

We leave them to die  
It’s not their fault
They don’t have the tools
In their head vaults
To make a fine life

In every city
There they are
Here they stay
Here they come
Welcome to your paradise
We would be rather grateful
If you keep to your slum         

 Please don’t think ill of us
If we blindly run and hide
Don’t blame us
If we take your chance
To flourish and strive
After all dear fellows
Only the smart
Only  the strong survive

It’s not that we don’t care
Or not willing to share
But you folks should learn and see
Keeping you down is all in the family
By the by
I can’t resist
Letting you know
I’m not a communist
And anyway
No matter how it seems
I can’t figure out
What that label even means

Please be a good chap
Just be happy
To take it as it comes
How can you not see the beauty?
Of you and your kin
Remaining forever
Dirty bums

Your handwriting
Is on your wall
Even if spelled incorrectly
This is our call

Take it like a man
Take it as a kid
But we must keep nailing you
For what your forefathers
Never did

Balzac said
Behind every great fortune is a crime
As for you
Just be quiet
And do your time That’s life
That is your ride
Only the smart healthy strong and good looking


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