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‘The Image’ and other poems by Katrenia Busch

By: Katrenia Busch

The Image

In the midst of the night
Deep within darkness found
Lost to vision or sight
Where my soul was once bound

Searching through confinement
Searching without rest
Searching that was constant
Searching that was obsessed

In the midst of a vision
That my soul once held
An image that was destined
To that which it dwelled

Searching without ease
Searching without limitations
Something strange within me
That had finally re-awakened!

In the midst of my thinking
In the midst of my thoughts
In the midst of unceasing
Persistence subsided un-hindered and un-lost

Only glimpses remained
Grasping to and fro
Seemingly chained
To that which had been sowed


The Transformation

Lost in silence
As darkness fell
Moving absence
To now dwell
Inside and outside
Of all bounds
Thoughts to reside
To those they surround

I heard a noise
That certainly came to be
Nothing more than ploys
Yet it’s following me?

Lost in silence
And confused
As my conscience
Seemed amused!

I couldn’t understand a thing
Of what occurred
Or was happening
While I endured
A change within
What could this be that’s happening?

Hidden knowledge
I couldn’t understand
But, when finally acknowledged
My countenance raised itself to stand


“Manipulated Marionette’s”

A sparkling wealth of ice crystals
Glazed with silver and gold
Glittering, unheeded, diminishing jewels
Concealed treasures persistently remain
Systematically controlled

Submerged by mountains of sand
Engulfed by advancing barricades
Stoned hedges that unceasingly expand
As abstract figures continually invade

Rattling chains that bind
Clanking shackles as they immobilize
Fastened snuggly by threads illusorily disguised
Mimicking as the flickering shadows travel by

Interior cord that’s intertwined
Staged motions to enact and play
Sightless to the camouflaged design
As imitating shadows treacherously portray

Lurking shades that talentedly convey
Appearing authentic and genuinely illustrate
As they amusingly entertain and play
Echoing as they converse and convincingly sway

Dawdling as they acceptingly hover
Lingering comfortably as they resume loitering
Masquerading under an impersonating cover
As the master won’t relinquish its puppets strings


Herald of the Night

Dear night,

As time makes haste
At the gate of sleep
Where eyes do pace

And darkness does weep
The stars look down
And the sun has sunk
The moon does gown
What the day has shrunk
I ask a favor of thee
Before you leave
When your eyes do see
This world to which they cleave
And before you tuck me into bed
To enter softly
This time instead
When I’m drowsy
And it’s been shed
And I’m feeling lousy
With my energies fled
To caress the moon
And hold her tight
To whom you commune
With such a dazzling delight
As a tribune
And herald for the night


Capturing Courage

Once upon a murky night
Contemplation’s ship began to sail
Fading from visible sight
From the shoreline that prevailed

The waves started roaring
Throughout the pelagic sea
Splashing as they ripple
Starved for thoughts and hungry

The ship began to wobble
As it was tossed to and fro
Captain courage threw an anchor
As his brave heart began to grow

The wind came and blew
From the north and from the east
The captain fed his anchor
With weight called bravery

The storm began to grow
As the wind of anxiety blew
Continued pushing the ship
Until his faith had grew

For 7 years
Lost at sea
Fighting waves of fear
Before producing calamity

Through the dark clouds
The relentless wind and night
The captain learned to stand
After feeding reflection’s appetite

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