The book ‘Songs of Suicide’ by Onkar Sharma shifts spotlight to the complex subject of suicide

In a recent cover launch of his poetry collection titled ‘Songs of Suicide’, Onkar Sharma revealed the reason why he penned poems with an underlying theme of suicide. He argued that it is critical to extend a helping hand to people who are suicidal and contemplating death with one reason or the other. But this hand can not always be a doctor’s or a straight talker’s. There has to be musical verse to soothe them and be their soulful companion.

Onkar had a conversation with the National Political Mirror on the launch of the book cover. Please read the coverage here:

‘Songs of Suicide’ by Onkar Sharma set for May release

Songs of Suicide by Onkar Sharma

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  1. To read Onkar Sharma’s “Songs of Suicide” just received today is stand on an alternative context
    as an event without definition or explanation.
    What is it to integrate the known simple the known complex, their unknowns, into the mystery of thjis possibility of suicide?
    These Songs or ballads are an xplosion of creatuive energy which gives life. opens new space to others, serving the Folks form the physical and ctreative survival.
    -Daniel de Culla,

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