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By Rehema Kasanga

Today we celebrate woman and freedoms she currently has.
As she’s free to be her true self in this day and age. the self we recognize.
the self we have shaped and forced her to become over decades of misogynistic rule.

Woman is Free to become what we allow her to be and speak when we deem fit.
She should speak up to be heard but never when man is talking,
never in the elder’s council and definitely not in courts of justice.

she should study and learn.
but crafts and herbs to protect and assist better her family
and lift her husband’s burden.
Never math lest she realizes mans misuse of resources and destroys her home.

If Chanda finds her husband in act of affair.
She should quietly ask for forgiveness and leave him be
Lest she forgets her place and again destroys her home.

Ankara was raped by her uncle last year.
But Why did she dress like that? In a skirt according to our custom and traditions.
How indecent and irresponsible of her!
Mwamba’s daughter too was violated by her mother’s brother in law.
But She wailed and drew too much attention. Has no one taught her yet?

For Woman shouldn’t raise her voice at all.
But remember to loudly sing the warriors praise in the market square
Laugh but not too loud or she may draw the wrong kind of attention and scare off suitors.
Learn but again not above possible suitors. No one likes a know it all; so she must be likeable

But her life does not revolve around men.
she’s free to desire- just not anything.
we have laid down paths for her kind to follow.
she can want to wash, cook, and clean the compound.
she can want a man and children to make her fruitfulness known.
If anything, she must want these things.
she must learn to want them.
she must want them all and want them well.

In addition to all this liberty she is free to Keep our ideas of her intact.
Then and only then shall we accept and celebrate her as mentioned above.


  1. I see a free woman fearing not the future but embracing it with love, joy, courage and optimism.

  2. Really Epic piece you have here. You have managed to potray the essence of the woman, her ability to be a complete Dynamic, without straying from the fact that her society’s beliefs forever remain her greatest and cruelest antagonist. It is indeed a true work of art.

  3. This is indeed a beautiful piece! It echoes the silent voices of many women! She has been taught that it is not injustice
    , but her fate, and she has been taught to embrass it at her bossom and never let go it. But she cannot accept this ‘fate’.

    Profound piece!

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