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By: Michelle Yang

“Do you feel that? Is that an earthquake? Oh, it’s only Brianna walking down the hall,” Lorren snickered, talking to her table as she spotted her favorite pastime.

            Brianna walked by with her head down, leaving with her lunch for the safety of the girls bathroom. Unaware of the foot sticking out, she tripped, spilling her spaghetti all over herself.

            “How cute. Trying to lose weight by wearing your food rather than eating it?” Lorren tittered to her friends while looking down at Brianna, who was kneeling on the cafeteria floor, eyes brimming with tears.

            “Here, take mine as well. I’m sure you need it more than I do,” Lorren laughed holding a plate of spaghetti in her hands. Before she could pour the plate, a hand was there moving the plate out of the way, while simultaneously grabbing ahold of Lorren’s arm.

            “Think twice before pulling that move,” came a deep voice from behind her.

            Expecting another plate of food to fall on her, Brianna looked up in shock because she couldn’t recognize the voice that spoke either. She saw the school janitor restraining Lorren’s arms behind her back.

“Ew! Get off of me! How dare you touch me with your filthy hands!” Lorren screamed, struggling to get out of his grip.

            “Brianna, are you alright? Can you stand?” he questioned, completely ignoring Lorren’s screams.

            “Y-yeah. Why are you doing this? Aren’t you going to get fired for doing this? How do you know who I am?”

            “I was hired by your parents to go undercover to check on you, and it seems as if they were justified in their worries.”

            “What? My parents? How did they find out? I tried my best to keep it hidden from them so that they wouldn’t worr-,” Brianna trailed off, voice breaking from her tears.


Michelle Yang has been pursuing the beauty of latte art since the age of 14. This has sparked a passion to travel the world, to see how different latte art would be outside of America. Starting with her homeland of Korea, she hopes to discover new skills to become a better barista.

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