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By: Alan Berger

I don’t want to live forever
Don’t want to first either
If you listen to where I’m coming from
I will make you a believer

Tell you why little baby
Tell you why

Although our days are numbered
You’re the one I share with, my dreams, bed, and slumbers
Not the loneliness of a crowed airport
To the tourist hotel by the name of,” The Last Resort”.
You know how people are
I like the way you don’t leave me with a scar

It would be unreal if they continue our deal
When the Grim Reaper shows his poison rose?
How sublime it would be be
To leave at the same time
You and me

Tell you why little darling
Tell you why

My old life ended when ours began
The last life I had was this unwieldy and that unplanned
Many was the time I cut my own throat
Cost me a few thus that’s all he wrote
Lets buy the farm holding hands

Tell you what little girl
Hear I say
What the Hell is the rush
Let us wait some other day
Just because God and the devil fell out of their saddle
Why do we stuck inheriting the paddle?

Anyone that has been over and out and stuck with it
Knows that all that counts are your last minutes

Tell you what little kitten
Thank thee for listening

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