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By: Malik Nasla

“You were in a crash. Can you tell me your name?”

“What’s happening? Who are you?”

“Calm down you are fine I just need to know your name”


“You were riding your bike and lost control and ran into a tree. You might have to go to the hospital.”

“No leave me alone,” Emma screamed to the weird looking man helping her out.

She ran off from the scene leaving her broken bike and went home. A few weeks later she started her first semester of college with a surprise. Emma walks into her class and takes a seat next to her highschool friend Olivia.

“Olivia it’s him. He is the guy I was telling you about. He is the one who tried to help me when I crashed my bike, but I ran away from him.”

“This is the guy? You were right he does look a little creepy. Just look at his curly gray hair, massive glasses, and lab coat. It makes him look like an evil scientist, but you can’t be too quick to judge someone. You should go talk to him after class and apologize for just running away like that when he was just trying to help you.”

“Yea your right, maybe I was overreacting a little bit. I was just in shock that night after crashing right into that tree.”

After class Emma decided to talk to him to apologize for running away.

“Hi Professor Noah, my name is Emma. I don’t know if you remember me but you tried to help me a few weeks ago when I crashed my bike.”

“Oh yea you look familiar I remember you”

“Sorry for running off that night.”

“It’s okay I was just a little confused at the time on why you just ran away like that”

“I was in shock a little bit because I had just crashed my bike and woke up laying in the street to a man asking for my name.”

“Yea I don’t blame you, I would be in shock too if someone I didn’t know was hovering over me as I woke up. It seems like we started off on a bad note. I am having a beginning of the semester study session for my students to start off the year right at my house on Saturday if you would like to come?”

“Yea that would be great, I’m trying to start off the semester strong”

That Saturday Emma went to her professor’s house for the study session.

            “Hi Professor, sorry i’m late.”

            “Just call me Noah. We are out of school. Come inside and make yourself at home”

            Walking into the house Emma started to have a bad feeling about it. The house was completely empty. The only furniture was a foldable table, foldable chair and a TV on the wall. Emma was a little suspicious about the other students still not being there yet, especially because she was 45 minutes late.

            “Where are the other students,” Emma questioned suspiciously.

            “They will be coming a little later, lets go to the basement and set up.

            “Yea that’s fine.”

Emma followed Noah down to the basement expecting to see a mini classroom set up to have the study session, but unsurprisingly the basement was completely just like the rest of the house. The walls were bare, except for one door in the back corner.

“Where is all the stuff, there is nothing here.”

“Yea obviously, that’s why I asked you to come down here and help me set up.”

“Oh, okay?”

“I’ll be right back, I will go grab some things to begin setting up.”

Emma couldn’t help but stare at the door. She wanted to know what was inside so she decided to go take a look. As she was about to open the door Noah came back.

            “Hey! What are you doing. I didn’t say you could go in there. There is a reason why the door is closed.”

            “Sorry, I was just a little curious.”

            “Just come over here and help me set the table up”

            “My bad, I didn’t know what I was thinking. I should’ve known better than to go through other people’s stuff without their permission.”

            “It’s fine just make sure you never go in there.”

After they finished setting up, Emma was dying to know what was in that room.

            “The other students should be here soon, I’m going to go take a quick shower before they come. Remember, don’t go near the room.”

            “I won’t, I promise to stay put.”

As Noah leaves the basement to go shower, without waiting Emma rushes over to the door and opens it. Shocked at what she saw she tried to leave the basement, but Noah was standing right there.

            “I told you not to go in there!”

            “What the heck is this? Why is there some sort of shrine of me here? Have you been stalking me? Who are you?”

            The room was filled with Emma. There were framed pictures of her all over the wall. There also was a big doll with a picture of Emma’s face taped onto it.

            “That is none of your business! There was a reason why I told you to stay away! Only I was supposed to know about it!”

            “How long have you been stalking me for? Is that why you were there the night I crashed my bike?”

            “That doesn’t matter, I really care for you. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

            “That’s so weird! Leave me alone!”

Frightened, Emma tried to run out the basement, but Noah tackled her to the floor.

            “You can’t leave! You have to stay with me forever! I need you!”

            “Get off me you creep! Let me go!

            “No we belong together and if you don’t want to stay I will make you stay.”

Noah got up and went over to the table and grabbed some scissors.

            “Now you will never leave me!”

As Noah was about to stab her with the scissors, Emma kicked his legs from underneath him dropping the scissors.

            “I told you to leave me alone!”

Emma picked up the scissors and stabbed Noah giving her the chance she needed to get out. She ran out of the house and called the police. The police came and found him still alive and rushed him to the hospital. After he survived in the hospital, he was arrested for attempted murder and is awaiting his trial.  After a few weeks Emma went back to her old lonely life with Olivia being her only friend. She realized that Noah was the only person who really loved her and cared for her, so she went to the prison to go visit him.

            “How have you been? I’m sorry about that night. I was just really scared.”

            “It’s okay, that doesn’t change the way I feel about you. I thought of you everyday and prayed to see you again.”

“I’ve been lonely my whole life and you love and care for me knowing that there are other girls out there that are way prettier and better, but you chose me and that really made me realize that I will never find someone who cares for me the way you do.”

            “Don’t worry I will never leave you. I love you.”

            “I love you too.”

The End

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