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‘Suicide’ and ‘Mask’ by Sivaprasad V

By:  Sivaprasad V


An act of cowardice when a loser does
Disgrace to kins it brings
He does have the right to live but the right to die is not his
Escaping himself from worldly sorrows is crime he commits

An act of valour when done to eliminate the infidels
Laurels and accolades to the martyr it gives
His is a holy act as salvation his soul attains
Murdering pagans opens him the door to heavens

An act of heroism when a patriot commits to outwit traitors
Sound of sighs and chants reverberates
His is sacrifice unparalleled and flawless
His soul will be spared in the other worlds

An act of redemption when depressed Plaths* embrace
In dreams and letters live scores of such souls
Born they to end themselves but taste eternal honours
As the one who drowned herself in the Ouse**

*Sylvia Plath was a famous American poet who committed suicide at the age of 30.
**Virginia Woolf, the celebrated English author, drowned herself in the River Ouse at Lewes.



Thou were the underrated
Perhaps the most underrated
Everyone had a glimpse of thee
Though with fear and anxiety

Found thee in sickhouses
Among the sick and the curer
Thou were drenched in her sweat
Who picked up our trash

Masked men were a nightmare
As they snatched and robbed
Rogues ruled the roost in streets
Masking in and masking out

Tides turn overnight
Thou become the symbol of the civilized
Man’s identity goes awry
As thee steal his face

Thou art the real game changer
Out of the blue, thou rise
Fencing the innocent smiles
And my beloved’s thirsty lips

Replacing man’s pretentious mask
Thou steal the show
Cocooning the noblest animal
And sieving his life breath


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