Rain is Grace

By Edson Sambala

It is the sense of conscientiousness,
For rain season to come close to your gate,
To bring elation and neighbourhood,
But love is a priori to every action.

Grasses enjoy fresh air to grow,
Richly to sustain our endurance,
Peace in mind, taste in tongue,
Rain is grace.

Degradation is also not far,
A companion in our milieu,
You should character to care,
Planting trees should point your finger.

Academic stomach acclaims that,
Keep watch my psyche,
The rain season is imminent,
Work day and night for it.

Clouds do not mean always rain,
But smoke is sure sign of fire,
Busy your mind in working,
That is the moment of prosperity.


Edson Sambala is a poet from Tanzania. He is pursuing his passion for writing poems. For the time being, he is undertaking bachelor degree in philosophy and religious studies at the Spiritan Missionary Seminary-Arusha, Tanzania: an affiliate to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Nairobi, Kenya. 

Categories: Poetry

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