When Did We Become I?

By Trinity Damasco

Underneath the summer sun,
We wilted, but our love bloomed.
Dandelions danced, fireflies flew;
Lovers laughed, grass grew;
And then there was us doing all the above.
My heart raced as we frolicked in the fields of our youth.
It was the beginning of “We.”

We were the definition of young and naive.
We were living a fairytale I could never dream.
We chased after passion, and you stopped
When you dropped to one knee.
Our game of tag was over
And you ended it with a ring.
It was the end of summer.

Inside a chapel laden with snow,
A white wedding dress wandered.
We stood side by side
And your hand felt like summer.
With eyes wet as winter
We said the words, “I do.”
It was the beginning of “I.”

I was too impatient when it came to you;
My one and only.
I never stopped to ponder what could be.
I thought our life was a fairytale
Within my reach.
If only I knew that life isn’t like a pretty dream

Categories: Poetry

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