‘Cubao Expo Smoking Area, Night’ and other poems by Karlo Sevilla

By: Karlo Sevilla

Cubao Expo Smoking Area, Night

Led by the vine,
mother cat and kittens
climb decrepit spiral staircase.
Just for furry paws to tread
and mortal eyes to see.
My cigarette smoke
twists and turns skyward,
and together with feline family,
disappears into the stratosphere.


Twice Slain

The first time you sang,
we all rose to our feet
as large waves ushering in
a storm, a turbulent sea.

The second time,
we denied you
your standing ovation,
as our knees were shaking
and the floor of the packed
auditorium, slippery and salty,
as if awash in a sea.



The royal couples frolic naked in the surreal spring.
All kingdoms represented in nature’s pool party.
Each one crowned a proud winner
according to sublime standards of a dead aesthetics.
Each triumphant one a you and a me.

Categories: Poetry

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