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‘File cabinet of dreams’ and other poems by Gary William Ramsey

By: Gary William Ramsey


Kill that dream, stop that smile.
For after a while, you must file
your life it seems, by those dreams.

God does not file lives alphabetically.
He files dreams systematically.

It’s been awhile, since God smiled.
And opened the file cabinet,
where I am an inhabitant.

So if you’re looking for me,
look under C,
C for cold,
for I got old.
And my dreams died.

Gary William Ramsey
710 Harborside Way
Kemah, Texas 77565
Phone: 2815380500a


Fantasy Girl

Enter my mind, fantasy girl.
Weave your world of dreams.
Enter my soul, fantasy girl.
It’s empty there it seems.

Light your candles fantasy girl.
Be soft and warm and real.
Kiss me softly, fantasy girl.
Until desire is all I feel…

For life without you, fantasy girl,
would be a barren place.
So I keep you softly in my heart,
and nourish my soul with your face.

You’ll always be there, fantasy girl,
so warm and pure in my mind.
And when happiness forsakes me,
your memory will be easy to find.



In the shadows of my mind I wander,
avoiding the sunlight of truth.
The cool shadows mellow the heat,
caused by the presence of you.

The shadows are consumed by darkness
and your face is the light to behold,
but it fades and fades and fades
As reality attempts to take hold.

So in the Shadows of my mind I wander,
avoiding the sunlight, quite lost.
I stumble blindly in the darkness,
alone, paying the ultimate cost.



he silence of the night fills my mind with fright,
When hope’s not with me, and you’re not with me.
The Silence of the day is so loud that I can’t pray,
for God to find you, so I can have you.

Without you, the stars are blinding.
Without you, the day has no light.
Without you, life has no meaning.
I can hear you in the silence of the night.

In the silence of the night, I hear your breathing.
In the silence of the night, I feel your life.
In the darkness of the night, you are the shinning light.
Your soul haunts the silence of the night.

As I wander and fly with the black dove,
the king of the sky and the night.
You wander and fly with the angels.
They keep love and me from your sight.



She walked into the room one Saturday Morning
For Twenty years we’d been man and wife.
She said she gonna leave, and she thought that I would grieve
But I had to stick my finger in my eye to cry.

That woman thought that I would miss her.
The reason she left as to make me sad.
If I hadn’t cried, she would a stayed her till I died.
So I stuck my finger in my eye and cried.

She laughed at my tears when she left me.
She figured I was a broken man.
But when she slammed the door, I laughed and laughed some more.
Now I cuss and drink, chase women all the time.

Every time she comes to see me
to fetch her alimony check.
There’s a frown on my face, and I tell her I’m disgraced.
Then I stick my finger in my eye and cry

Oh Oh poor me, Oh oh Poor me,
If I hadn’t cried,
She’d stayed here till I died.
So I stuck my finger in my eye and cried.


Gary William Ramsey was born in Monroe, North Carolina. He graduated from Western Carolina University with degrees in Business Administration and Social Sciences. He enjoyed a highly successful career in retail, achieving the titles of President and CEO of two major U.S. corporations. Gary lived in 17 different locations in the USA and has traveled to numerous countries around the world. He uses these experiences in his writings. Gary presently resides in Kemah, Texas. 


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