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‘Bring home the glory’ and other poems by EG Ted Davis

By: EG Ted Davis

Bring home the glory

‘Tis time for payback,
the Chinese holiday is over,
shall we impart great tariffs
hell yeah, says the American worker,
your economy has
prospered off of our’s
and left our backs sweatless,
bring home the great industrial complex-
says the American middle class-
bring it to us and
our grandfather’s glory.



The inability to entrap
innocence of an office,
to readily decieve,
to readily condemn,
to wrongfully accuse,
to perjer to achieve,
and one shall conclude
the evil intent
of those who
should uphold the law…
but instead circumvent it.


Just ask

Is there not a snare set,
is there not a trap,
or a hunter
who lays in wait…
for a misspoken word,
for a tweeted sentence,
where the opposition
desires to twist
the order of the words,
the desire to distort
the intended meaning

certainly there is…

just ask any so
called journalist.

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