Cat and Sparrow

By: Dr. Piku Chowdhury

The crouching fluffy feline grace
Would eye me with some carelessness
The frisky fallow fright of sparrow
In my narrow harrowed pace.
Constant feline surveillance
On my stealthy subsistence
Trying to scrape some rhyme or sense
Off the tacky correctness.
Between kitty on the wall
Soaking in the hues of fall
And the sparrowed self of mine,
Swirling shades of life intense.
Quietly falls a leaf or two,
Sparrow’s futile lust for blue
Flights amidst the fluffy clouds,
Caught by furry vigilant shroud.
Endless play with feline watch
Until kitty takes the leap,
Correctness in frenzied mess
In the sparrow’s funny flip.

Categories: Poetry

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