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“Broken Young Woman” and other poems by Somaah Edwards

By: Somaah Edwards

“Broken Young Woman”

From where he stands
he could see
a broken damsel
dangling in his view,

broken dreams
waltzing in her pair
of dark blue eyes,

floating all
over her
little peach face,

the advertising cracks
on her little lips
were as shallow
as the unpleasant cold
that kept hitting it,

The torn clothes,
washed out footwear,
and the messed up

ponytail tells stories
a grown man
wouldn’t have the heart
to brave
and take in.


“Devoured By a Spirit”

Her hair smelled of wilt blood,
the realization was about to give way when a cold foreign
phobia entwine around his brain.

every tempestuous kiss she forced,
tasted like an expensive
french wine. How did he know this?

the room was sealed to moral excellence,
his breath was decreasing rapidly,
he felt unconscious but those
nesh creamy evil hands were noticed,
by every cell in his brain,
the way she used her tongue against
his skin made him scream in silence,
did he want to be saved or did he
want to be devoured by this wicked spirit?

the way she consumed his belongings
didn’t matter one bit
he just wanted to be taken over by her over and over again,
even though it meant being dragged to hell.


“They don’t exist but they do exist.”

Those blood sucking monsters
exist outside our heads too,
Beware of the ground you walk alone,
Lest they sneak up and
drag you to that land of dirt,
Of terror and pure confusion.

They don’t exist but they do exist.
That pretty little outfit you are wearing isn’t to blame, Child:
“LUST” is the man behind it all.

They don’t exist but they do exist.
Those terrifying eyes that stalks you on
lonely Sunday evenings
are the monsters they told you don’t exist in real life.

They don’t exist but they do exist.
That uncle who calls you “KID”
in your parents presence,
then tries to undress you when they left is
the monster they said don’t exist.

They don’t exist but they do exist.
That particular male science teacher,
who kept you back after school
then rape you is the same monster that you were
told doesn’t exist.
They don’t exist but they do exist.


“He doesn’t know”

She dropped her
little white fury towel
in front of him,

his heart fell and his
big throat tightened,
he whispered to the
wind, “A woman should be modest”

after a few seconds,
he snapped back to his senses.
Then he saw huge cuts all over
her milky vanilla skin.

Shocked and saddened by the
uncomfortable view,
he turned to catch his breath.

For a few moments,
he couldn’t ask a thing.
He was afraid of reopening
those deep wounds that was
shooting at him.

He kept his curiosity to himself,
for her sake only.

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