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“The lighthouse” and other poems by Katrenia M. Busch

By: Katrenia M. Busch

The lighthouse

The sun was shining through the clouds
As the ocean waves poured in
The sky above indeed—did crowd
As the lighthouse stood within

Within—the lapse of time found
Within the depths of awe
As you listened carefully to the sound
Of what the waves did draw


Clouds writing their own poetry

Sun shining from above
As the clouds engraved the sky
My heart was indeed—warmed by love
As the clouds began to cry

Swaying, softly as they played
To each motion and movement done
As they seemed a bit delayed
While, waiting for the sun

They in-fact did write
A little note to sing
Which was finally brought to light
To a hidden chores to which they cling

To display in broad day—light


“The girl and the moon”

She danced gracefully with the moon
Shining, as it lit the way
As she secretly whispered, “Soon”
As she hoped she might be able to stay

Torn by time— devouring
As it often did at night
Quickly, found to be chaining
Each moment brought to light

Heavy— laden time wore on
The moon shining bright
While, her eyes laid upon
Her heart who began to recite

“I know you bear such great things here,
Things I’m not at liberty to say
But if you trust and refuse to fear
I swear I’ll guide your way.”

Stunned— as she was waiting to see
What this had meant or implied
As she had found herself to be
Something that had been a lie

The moon began closing in
Comfort she desperately sought
As she looked beneath its discolored skin
And grasped the ease it brought


“A Compass”

Called ye are in the midst of crisis
Where— knowledge and skill
Are used as tools, even— a compass
To guide and lead or even fulfill

The calling of bravery
Strong and dedicated
To a fight—while unwavering
In the midst of times—shaded

Serving as leaders
Being devout and fierce—alone
Lending guidance to others
As their bravery is shown

Fearless, motivated to go
Conquerors in times of freight
As they lead—to not only show
While—comforting others in plain sight

Through the depths of this crisis
Trying times—they are
These people being a compass
Seen wide, seen far


Katrenia Busch currently works as an editor and content writer for Aware Earth providing articles on news stories and topics. She is also a content writer for The Total Plug. Some of her published works can be found in the Screech Owl, Literature Today, Riverrun, Literary Yard, Poetry Super-Highway, Eskimo Pie. She has also published essays on psychoanalysis and spends time conducting reviews for journals such as: Psychology of Consciousness concerning psychological research. She has an established background in healthcare and law enforcement and has contributed articles on the national healthcare system for Senior Care Quest.

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