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‘My Lord’s Grace’ and other poems by Vishnu B. Unnithan

By: Vishnu B. Unnithan

My Lord’s Grace
(With a line From WHEN I CONSIDER HOW MY LIGHT IS SPENT by John Milton On His Blindness)

I sacrificed and did my best but that was not enough for them as they
wanted me to also do the work of all the rest. “Why must I do that also?”,
I wondered to myself. As if this was not unfair enough, they wanted me to serve
whole-heartedly and be grateful to them for giving me this opportunity, to them who
exploited me thus. I could think of nothing else but only
to hit back with equal vengeance. But my faith made me stand
for I realised that this is my own Lord’s grace. For only he can bless his subjects thus, he chose me now for I am more capable and tolerant than my tormentors and
I forgave my trespassers and did my duty joyfully. In the light of divine blessings, all pains ceased. Now, for his mercy I wait.


A Braces Story

When prospective brides hunt for a groom suitable,
they ignore his presence and everything else he brings to the table.
For his smile reveals his misaligned teeth rendering him not able
to speak with confidence. He only pays the bill.

To enable him to pursue the woman of his dreams, he went in for braces,
however, for the subsequent iron teeth jokes, he did not himself brace.
Irony apart, words flowed and he did get himself into the race,
The path to his beloved’s heart, he definitely did ace.

They made a lovely family and for years after their marriage,
they served as each other’s bedrock.
Finally on the promise that he would not rage,
his wife confessed she had loved him almost as long as her age,
but her family had opposed him as they felt that he was dumb as a rock.



I exercise,
burning my fat.
A hamster rat,
I love fitness.

My biceps bulge,
crunch with finesse.
Health is business


Women are Genuine

A perfect girl I fell in love with that day, she rejected me by saying that she was a sad walking tomb.
Cute pets helped me overcome my sorrow as I returned home and they were happily fed.
Eager for my return, I remember or more correctly, starved of
gruel, I saw my pets waiting by the door that night. Switching off my torch,
I settled in after a warm bath and change of clothes, fed the puppies as I told you before and ordered food from Taj.
Killing time till my food arrived, I switched on the television in my room, only to find myself helplessly and respectfully drool.
My eyes sight the same girl from earlier that afternoon.
Obviously, she pretended to put off any perverted tramp.
Quite bubbly, effervescent, mature, pulchritudinous and genuine she truly was, indeed she had been a brilliant and dedicated actor.
She had to pull her act on me too, this was not a reflection on me but rather on the society in which we lived, yet that did cause me a little hurt.
Ultimately, long poem short, wish me Mazeltov.
Worthwhile was all the hurt as I proved myself to her and today, as we unite for eternity, I will put a ring on her phalanx.
Yes, women do sometimes behave strange but that is a just a reaction to all the cheap men who do fake razzmatazz.


The Poetic Wand

So many forms and structures of poetry,
to protect every individual’s liberty.
Against injustice, acting as a sentry,
so many forms and structures of poetry,
with different rhymes, metres and various other symmetry.
Carving the righteous path adroitly,
so many forms and structures of poetry,
to protect every individual’s liberty.


Salud, Mi Familia
In crisis,
solace, comfort, peace.
Sharing each
Together against all odds.
Family is life.


John Wick
John Wick; a man of honour, focus and sheer will; unleashes a discombobulating bloW,
One must avoid messing about with this samurai, although he may have subluxated metacarpI,
He is true to his word, a kick from him will give you a permanent tiC.
Never, even by the slightest chance, forget the name: John WicK.


Vishnu B. Unnithan is an intern medic from Mumbai with a thriving passion for surgery. When he manages to spare time, he finds happiness in suturing words together.

He is a contributor to The Artifice and occasionally updates his blog that has readers across a dozen countries. His work has been published in Gosumag, The Poetry Marathon Anthology and FAMSA Newsletter. His arsenal includes such enviable superpowers like the ability to fantasize about food even in the midst of a pertinent crisis. He romances the English language and loves quotes; some of which may inadvertently find their way into his writings: a few, inspired and always, entirely original.

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