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By: Ria Banerjee

The nucleus is unstable-
each atom of my being breaks away,
breaks apart, micron by micron-
till it collapses.
Memories travel light years-
to steal a kiss,
to touch, to feel-
to wither away in that
touch and feel.
We are separated by forceful erasures in History.
We are held together by forces of gravity.
Caught in the whirlpool of
shrunken space-time,
I am sucked into a blinding darkness
from which light
has no escape, no respite.
My core is dismembered
and mutilated- brutal
forces of vector and velocity
hurl me into an abyss of the infinite
black hole.


Ria Banerjee is an M.A in English Literature (First Class First) from Shri Shikshayatan College, affiliated to Calcutta University. She is currently engaged as a faculty in Prafulla Chandra College, Department of English.


  1. I have quite a knowledge of Black Hole . I never think someone makes a poem on it. It truely amazing.

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