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Book Review: ‘RASHTRIYA’ is a tribute to selfless soldiers

By Rahul Koul

Written by a budding Indian author Mihir Ujjainwal, the novel provides a peek into the life of a soldier affiliated to Rashtriya Rifles through his journey in Kashmir valley 

Published by New Delhi based Authors Press, Rashtriya is a nicely written debut novel of budding author, Mihir Ujjainwal. It takes readers through the twists and turns of an army man’s life in the conflict-ridden Kashmir valley. The book that can be classified as contemporary fiction narrates the story of Major Adritya who despite having retired from services is called back by his unit at Rashtriya Rifles to tackle an emerging terror group. The protagonist travels in the interiors of valley exposing the modus operandi of drug kingpins and busting terror modules.

Rashtriya is not just a novel but a bunch of deep thoughts in the form of a story to honor our selfless army-men. While penning the details, Mihir appears to have done his research well. The depiction of unholy alliance between terror financers and influential people, the work of Rashtriya Rifles on the ground and how information networks work look so real. The book awakens us to the realities of serving in the army, sacrificing comforts to take on challenges and a life full of thrill that comes along with a roller-coaster ride of emotions. It also cautions us that the fight in the valley is not just against Islamic terrorists but also the local drug peddling mafia and religious misinformation campaigns fueled with support from Pakistan.

The sacrifices made by soldiers to protect the integrity of the country is often ignored in the political din and other social issues. Mihir Ujjainwal explores the life from a soldier’s perspective and compels the reader to imagine the dilemma of striking a fine balance between wrong and right in the backdrop of hostile environment and people. I believe readers in India must promote the young and self-driven authors like Mihir who have chosen a subject that is often ignored.

If I have to rate the novel, I will give it four and half stars out of five. Interested readers can grab the paperback edition now on Amazon.

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Rahul Koul is a Delhi-based journalist.

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