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‘Players’ and ‘Happy Endings’ by Lynn White

By: Lynn White


The orchestra are tuned up
ready in their uniform
black costumes
dressed so as
not to distract
from the music
or the on stage drama
dressed for invisibility.

And those on stage are dressed
for the parts they’re playing,
dressed for performance
dressed to be noticed
dressed to be seen.

The audience are dressed
for their parts as well.
With their glad rags on
they’re watching each other
waiting for the interval
when the lights go up
and greater scrutiny
will be possible,
preparing their lines
ready to play their parts
in a costume drama.


Happy Endings

It’s said many a story has a happy ending,
but I doubt it,
not in the end.
”To cease upon the midnight with no pain”
is the best that
can be hoped for
and it seems rather a melancholic take
on happiness.
There may be a few brief encores,
perhaps more
than expected,
but when the final curtain falls
that’s it
your performance is over,
you’re done.

And you won’t be invited to the after show party
even though your presence may be felt.

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