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‘Catalysts’ and other poems by Anjana Sanyal

By: Anjana Sanyal

Photo by Jené Stephaniuk

We used to count the stars
On the lining of my dark hair
I counted the freckles
On your back when I was on top of you
We look for love under the eyes where it stayed
Whenever it glimmered in our eyes
In a strange glow
That reflected a mirage of beautiful places
We dreamed to go
Sitting solemnly in your arms here
Tell me someday we will get there
Dreaming of strange lands
In sync with shutting this world
Whenever we are with each other
Cause that’s just who we are
I used to kiss the aftertaste
Of the coffee you just made
Lingering for a little while
On the lining of my lips
Where you found the key
To a magical place to call ours
As you whisper to me the things we will do
When someday we will get there.
On the windy night, leafs flying everywhere
My hair flying on your face that you smell
And inhale the stars you never stopped counting
And you hold my hand again
Standing on the edge of this world here
You promised someday
In the place of our dreams in our eyes
We will get there.


The sky dressed in lucid colours
Extend the dark blooded hands
Only you can see
For you have been high on yourself
Through everything that has been bringing you down lately
Do you see the sky raining it’s tears
When you’re out on the pavement drenched from head to toe
And you don’t wanna head back to a bleak shelter you hate to call home
And when you’re empty from within,
Tiredness seeping through your skin
And the crowd of people bashing you heartlessly
Almost as if in a play with only you having a heart
That’s close to being numb from being treated mercilessly
And you try to reach out to the sky
Through methods you never thought you would own
But then again, you never thought
The world would show you
You’re capable of disowning you
Along the course of events
A constant tug of war of losing ourselves
And finding someone else
And it’s a constant loop where often we find ourselves on the starting line
Of this brutal race
Where were we? Where have we been? Where are we heading?
And the questions hit regardless of the dilapidated beats
Your heart can hardly take anything anymore
But this is the place where people are striving to find home
A place where murders are normal when it’s physical
And the murder of innocence and happiness deceives the eyes,
They don’t happen in dark alleyways like a thriller movie
They happen within the storm that’s preparing for a dreadfully eventful journey
And you, a lost cause of a soul so broken and calm
Finding a home is all your journey is about
And you’ve failed everytime you thought you found one.


It will rain on the busy street
You’ll stroll through the sidewalk
Giving little to no care that you’re dripped from head to toe
People have too less time to look at you
A piece of art, glazing the streets
Marking your survival
Through bleak footprints
Oh the disaster you have caused to me
The treacherous art of singing poetry
The words I bleed the tears I choke
Comes from your faint remembrance
Of the words you spoke
To me at the midnight dawn
When the lights are dim and destruction is on
Through the busiest lines we’ve talked our way
Through the endless time we’ve spawned our day
I’ve been trapped inside you far tangled than you know
The nights you breathe conduct a freakshow
Inside the chaotic mind I can’t tame
Outside the heart you stay and I can’t blame
Love is but a mere word for all this madness
We’ve been committing without our consent
You’ll keep walking till you choose to go back where you lay down
Sleep doesn’t greet you and you wear your mask like the Joker clown
Your pretence makes you hard like a wall
I can’t change my mind I didn’t realise I was flying through a free fall
Waiting for a closure for you’ve left for quite a while
No you won’t be back for you’ve moved quite thousand miles
And yet there’s me breathing on hope for one fine day
You with your signature smirk you’ll say “hey”
And maybe this time you’ll let me hold your hand
Walk with you through the rain
And we’ll listen to erotic songs and sing to Rock again and again
And we’ll dance like there’s no tomorrow our beats on the ground
Without a care to the world and what’s it about
We’re two lose souls, shouldn’t have happened to each other
Once we’re into us, there’s no going back to one another
What’s this endless loop like I can’t finish this poetry
It’s sewing new words with every breath that’s choking me
And it’s dusk when I’ll be at the loss of words
For every blood of me will feel what it was when you were there
And now my blood’s black for you’re the red
To the lips, to the eyes, to the tears I’ve shed
There’s a lot more to come, lot more to go
We’re two crestfallen lost souls
With nowhere to go
Please come back again, it’s a request from the sinner
To a sinner no less than the one breathing and choking poetry
You’re the art I am meant to write
Into words you’re meant to draw
It’s a beautiful catastrophy can’t you see
kiss me art while drawing this poetry.

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