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‘A Spirit Stirs’ and other poems by Okeypoet

By: Okeypoet

A Spirit Stirs

A song,
a stir from within,
i am moved;
Something touches me,
i know I’m alive,
i feel life;
So much happiness,
so much sorrow,
the soaring eagle,
the simple sparrow;
I am lost,
i am found;
Life, is so profound.


He’s Back

The muse is back,
he sits in silent contemplation,
accepting all life, and death,
as part of nature’s way, the equation;
My quarrel’s never with Mother Nature,
she rules, she rocks,
she douses me with truth
in everything she brings to life, and
everything she brings to death;
The muse sits on his patio
and knows how very blessed,
how lucky, he is;
He sees the world in triangular vision,
one point of faith,
a point of love, and
a point of just plain hard work;
Somehow, some way, the people in his life
add immeasurable value, pump fuel into his tank;
So, the muse is back,
laughing while silently serene,
knowing the beauty in life
is not in that which we take, but
that which we leave behind.


The Man in the Mirror

The man in the mirror
He is no different,
he wants what’s best
for himself,
his family,
his friends;
He wants to be able
to make ends
meet; and,
compete in a world full
of good and evil;
The Good Book by his side.


The Hunter

I am a hunter,
the forest is my home;
I roam wild,
free and uncivilized,
i need no disguise;
I eat when I am hungry,
fight when I am angry,
spend the day on my feet
in pursuit;
My nights,
i will greet the shadows
with keen eyes and ears.


Homemade Boats

Skies are full of sunshine, now;
To everyone I smile, and bow;
From me to you,
my insides speak,
farmer, lawyer, trucker, freak;
Behind the wall there lies a dream,
to get there I must plan, and scheme,
hit and miss, and
stumble on;
Words of others loud and clear,
i see them, hear them
i need not be near;
We all must look beyond our hopes,
traveling in our homemade boats
to lands where words are never spoke;
Where ugliness is but a joke,
while minds are streaming to and fro
I see some stay,
i see some go;
Buckle up, prepare yourself,
Live carefree as an elf; and,
If a soul should make you weep,
gently kiss that soul to sleep.

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