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By Autumn Sun

The birthed, grew into epitaphs of demise. It’s growing pain, the elongation of anguish, hinged on joints connected to the bones of spuriousness. The crimes against brother and sister, shape the desolate unfertile ground, no longer harvesting love and munificence.  Hate, jealousy, deception, theft, war, genocide, abuse, torture. My awareness aggrieved; I fall back from the affliction.   My sigh suspends the movement of the seas, and time stands still. The earth exhales with relief, respite from the marking of her beautiful shield. Yet, scowls with remembrance of a love left in haste.  But I have returned. The scars run deep, face scorched, withered and tired; arid without florae. ‘Patience’ I whisper. Time moves again. Sluggishly, the haemorrhaging of souls continues. I move through the ether, from place to place.  I rest upon Uluru. The gift that I gave the earth at her birth.  A connection to me. Like an umbilical cord that I severed when I left.  The water swaths around Uluru. I leave for another place beyond the consciousness of humans.  Uluru, like the lands, disappears under the swell and rising purification.  It’s balm for her patience.

A new humanity awaits.


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